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Popular Football Stars Which Enjoy Casino Games

Football players who gamble

When you think about football, you have an idea of the million-worth industry and players who have enormous salaries. Football players possess expensive cars and resorts, but they also engage in casino chances. Read on and reveal five football stars who enjoy gambling on a regular basis.

Michael Chopra

Michael Chopra used to play for several teams including Sunderland, Cardiff, Barnsley, and Ipswich. Michael was playing some good games for football teams but he also developed betting habit. According to the estimations, Chopra made about €2 million in casino debts. When he finished Premier League career, Chopra moved to Indian Super League.

Dietmar Hamann

Dietmar Hamann used to play for Liverpool and German national football team. He started with gambling when he was playing at Anfield. Only during cricket game between South Africa and Australia, he lost €288,400 wager. After several losing streaks, Hamann learned the rule: bet only if you can avoid losing.

Daniel Sturridge

Football players prefer betting on horse racing and casino slots. During the active career, football stars are not allowed to bet on their sports discipline. However, Daniel Sturridge used the opportunity to wager on player leaving Liverpool to Inter Milan. According to rumors, he made $10,000 bet on this prediction. When it happened, English news was overloaded with the issue and the case was opened against Sturridge.

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Paul Merson

Paul Merson played for some of the best Premier League teams including Arsenal and Middlesbrough. However, Merson combined betting and drugs especially when he was mad. From time to time, he used to place up to €80,000 bet depending on his feelings. Merson lost a lot of money because he didn't do research but placed random bets. Paul Merson lost everything because of gambling including friends, millions and properties. Later on, he found a new job and commenced a completely new life. Even today he places some bets from pocket money.

Gigi Buffon

One of the leading goalkeepers, Gigi Buffon, is famous for Poker obsession. The player was accused two times of engaging in illegal betting activities. After the official investigation, Buffon was found innocent. However, Gigi continues with poker betting and now he is the ambassador of PokerStars.

David Bentley

David Bentley used to play for Arsenal and Blackburn Rovers during his career. As soon as he retired, Bentley started engaging in betting activities. Soon he became a gambling addict and lost a lot of money. In the end, Bentley came across the bad habit thanks to the help of a girlfriend.


As you can observe, football stars purchase expensive things but they also engage in normal activities like betting. Hobbies are part of each person's life and betting is one of them.

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